In Loving Memory – Zina Nicole Lahr 1990-2013

The Work of Zina Nicole Lahr from Stormy Pyeatte on Vimeo.


  1. Zina is the best combination of brilliant, creative, and kind that I’ve met. It is deeply painful to think of a world without her.

  2. Your smiling face, talent, creativity, thoughtfulness and all that you are will be missed by our family. The Skoloda’s

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about this. From her blog posts she seemed like a very amazing and special person.

    I’ll be keeping the family in my prayers and I encourage others to do so, as well.

  4. We met Zina through our son Matthew. He had a class with her at the Art institute. They became good friends. We followed her on face book and discovered how much of a beautiful person she was. She has a special place in our hearts, a place that will always be kept for her. Love and peace to her family and friends.

  5. A blessing and a light,
    though you may be out of sight,
    the love you shone,
    so bright.

  6. The sun shines a little less bright without your beautiful spark. Rest in peace beautiful Zina.

  7. .. only discovered Nicole via a website showing her short video, and within just 5 mins i was mesmerised! what a fascinating, adorable and hugely talented person. My thoughts are with her family and friends and those lucky enough to have worked with her. A unique human being. Forever Young.

  8. Watching the portfolio video that I found online simply browsing, here was someone truly striking the kind of person I always wanted to know but never met. I do not cry often, in fact I almost never do. This made me cry. It is beyond unfair and beyond words that such a powerful person has left us. This message does not do Zina justice but it is what I have to offer. I never met you or even heard of you before now but now I miss you more than anything. You will be missed and loved forever and always. – anonymous

  9. I came about news of Zina from a relative. I only found out after her death who she was. From her video I can tell she was creative, quirky, upbeat and interesting; someone I would have really wanted to have as a friend. Though I’ve only started to learn about you now, I am saddened that we’ve lost you. I hope you’ve found peace where you are now.

  10. I just saw the video of Zina. I am so sorry for your loss, she looked to be one of the most creative and sensational people on the planet. I am truly sorry I never had the opportunity to met her. Her works are amazing and personality infectious.
    Be well,

  11. just heard about this amazing young woman today. how tragically sad that she is no longer w/ us. clearly, the universe needed more creativity in places we cannot always see/reach/enjoy. RIP Zina. now you have all the answers. soar high

  12. Never has someone had such a profound effect on me.

    Genuinely, THE most beautiful and amazing character I have ever encountered.

    Whilst watching a video entitled ‘The work of Zina Nicole Lahr’ (by Stormy Pyeatte), I experienced an overwhelming appreciation and admiration for her creativity, ingenuity and imagination.
    As a young British Special Effects Artist, I have enormous respect for her success; not just in her career, but for pursuing a life of creativity and artistic talent.

    A rare mind.

    A true inspiration.

    I just wish I could have met her.

  13. I never met Zina, never even heard of her work until now. I have just watched Stormy Pyeatte’s video on Zina for the third time this morning. I feel a strange combination of inspiration and sadness, for someone I will never meet. My thoughts go out to all of her family, friends and colleagues. What an amazingly inspired, and inspiring person. I am very grateful to have seen her video and be introduced to her world.

  14. Hi,
    Just saw the video about Zina today, and shared. I’m getting questions about how she died. Just wondered if you’d mind sharing.
    She was truly talented. Shame that she’s gone.

  15. I got the sad news now. I wish this was different. Hope you reincarnate soon.

  16. The world has lost the next Leonardo da Vinci.

    So much tremendous beautiful creative energy.

    Tears. :-(

  17. Your love and passion for art is inspiring and you have done so much with your life already. If only you had more time, I’m sure you would have done even more unimaginable and creative art. Hearing you talk about your own art work with so much love makes me wonder if there is something in my life that I love that much. Thank you. Thank you for everything that you have done.

  18. Seemed like a good kid. Wished I could have bought her drink of choice and discussed some builds. Condolences to her family and friends.

  19. I cry a lot
    never never in my life i see a people with that spirit,the power of stop dreaming and bring your dreams come true. Love you, Love you work , RIP Zina i never forget you <3

    WE ARE ZINA!!!

  20. you are an amzing person.
    I fall in love with you, with your art.
    you will live forever in our hearts

  21. I didn’t know her until today, and may be I don’t have the right to speak about her, but… I believe in energy, in peoples energy, and I really get in love with this amazing soul. Yes, soul, because ”girl” it’s to little to describe such an creature like her. I’m really sad that she’s no longer between us; the fist thing I tough about after watching the video, was on sending her an e-mail and try to speak to her, just as friends, just because it feels to me the kind of person you must meet. I really really admire that lovely and powerful girl. Sorry if my comment feels rude to someone closer to her, I write it with my best intentions (I’m not an english speaker, so may be I have not used the right expressions), but I’ll really think about Zina from now on, and I know that she will be present in my arts (I’m an illustrator an animator), cose she inspires me a lot.
    Encourages to those of you how knew her well.

  22. Se ha ido gran talento, mis condolencias para toda su familia y amigos, es una luz que se apago demasiado pronto, gracias por todo Zina

  23. Zina thanks for everything :)

    you have shown us how we can be ourselves more ~
    original, honest, beautiful, creative, loving…

    your star shines into our eyes,
    making all life more amazing

    looking forward to meet your flavour in spirit


  24. To Zina,

    You were a truly inspirational and loving soul. I wish I could have only found you sooner. Thank you for what you have brought into this world, from your words to your truly unique inventions, and thank you for continuing to watch over those you love, which I have no doubt that you do. You have inspired me more then any one other person I have encountered in this world to be who I am and to do what I love, to create. My heart aches for the connection we never had a chance to make, but I now carry the determination to be the amazing person I know I can be and to carry out your words of wisdom and ideals of love and acceptance. Thank you for having graced our mortal world long enough to share yourself and inspire so many others. You give hope to us. Thank you so much. My hopes and prayers go out to those you’ve left with us, and that the pain they now feel will soon be filled with the memory your love and wisdom. Rest in peace, beautiful soul.

  25. Such a creative mind and beautiful personality. Such an inspiring person.

  26. es ist nicht fair für so eine wunderbare frau so bald zu verlassen, mit all dem Bösen in dieser Welt, warum das Schicksal haben, eine große frau werde ich Ihr Wesen immer bei mir tragen und versuchen, die Art, wie man es leben. R.I.P see you Zina in afterlife

  27. Like many others, I saw the video about Zina that has gone viral. What a beautiful person! Sad to see her leave us so early but glad she is being so wonderfully celebrated.

  28. I didn’t know that I had CCD until I discovered this wonderful human who I am devastated that I will never get the chance to meet. My CCD has got worse since discovering Zina, thank you for the inspiration :)

  29. I never met Zina — just saw her video right now — my tremendous loss.

  30. I never knew Zina. I never met her or knew of her work until today. When I started watching the video I was enthralled by her creativity, and inspired by her passion. I was excited to see what she would do with her life, then I learned she had passed just months ago. I wish I had met her in life, I feel regret just for never getting the chance to praise her. My heart aches for her family, I hope they know that they brought a beautiful soul into this world. She may be gone, but Zina Lahr will never die.

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